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Pig Boy’s Story

Pig Boy Willy was born in 1984 and lived in a food booth on the Plaza during Fiestas de Santa Fe for 20 years, rolling up carne adovada burritos as fast as he could.

The lines were long, the accolades great (see ¡Bravos! and side-bars), and the Pig Boy became a Fiesta institution. He was urged to make his carne adovada available the rest of the year. So, the Pig Boy decided to package up the spice mix and let his faithful followers make their own. Every time you make Pig Boy Willy’s Famous Carne Adovada, it takes you back to those wonderful September weekends on the Plaza. Even if you weren’t there.

Line forms at the Pig Boy Willy booth during Fiesta de Santa Fe

Reviews from
Fiesta de Santa Fe

"Several weeks have passed since we all savored Fiesta food on the [Santa Fe] Plaza.  By now, some of you might be having Fiesta-food withdrawal symptoms. ...  To solve this dilemma, you can purchase Pig Boy Willy’s delicious and famous carne adovada mix.  The identical mix has [been] used in the stand’s renowned carne adovada burritos since 1984."

Pancho Epstein,
The Santa Fe New Mexican

"For some chile fanatics, the fiery carne adovada burritos from Pig Boy Willy call for a special trip  or trips  to the [Santa Fe] Plaza during Fiesta weekend."

Ann Constable,
The Santa Fe New Mexican